Class of 1967 | Unpad Faculty of Animal Husbandry Alumni

Below is the name list of 'Class of 1967' of Unpad Faculty of Animal Husbandry Alumni. Alumni names with brown color are connected with personal url address (facebook accounts, blogs etc) and we have already had data of the names in our database. If you click the name and redirected back to this page, it means we have the data but no personal site available at present.

A. Rosidin R., Achmad Godjali, Adjah Pharidinata, Ayi Ahmad Basari, Bambang Mardihanto, Dedy Riskomar, Djadjat Subagdja, Dudung Iswara, Harun Juned, Kedi Suradidisastra, Moh. Sutisna, Setiawan, Siti Kurliah, Siti Rijani Soewarno, Slamet Rachmat, Soeparna, Zachir Zachri.

To complete our alumni database, please send you data to this link: All informations will be kept and stored safely. Thank you.

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