Let The Campaign of The Next Alumni Leader Begin

The Class of 1984 (aka BigHorn) has announced their candidate to be the next leader of IKA ALUMNI FAPET. Our senior alumni Kang Arfan Oesman is the first candidate declared by his class, as posted by the class spokeman Kang Henry on our milist message. We'll see in the next moments, which classes to show their best alumni to be the other candidates for election. All candidates will be the best person and ready to fight to get the position as the number one leader of IKA.

Pulangkandang.com will try to get the exclusive interview with all candidates, to be shared with you all members of this site community. As you know this site connected with alumni page on facebook which has almost 1100 alumni joined there.
Wilujeng berkampanye untuk para Akang/Euceu yang akan fight di MUBES IKA FAPET! Mari sukseskan perhelatan ini untuk melahirkan pemimpin baru yang mampu membawa IKA ke arah yang lebih baik.

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