A Grandma and Her Cow at Somewhere on Merapi Slope

"Grandma, please dress up and let's go down now with me," said a soldier from Kopassus (Army Special Force Command).

"No!" the old woman answered. "I will stay here!"

"It is unsafe here, Grandma... Do you have something to do here?" the soldier asked again.

"I have to feed my cow here!" said the old woman.

"How many cow do you have, Granny?"

"I have one!" (Oh, my God...)

The soldier continued to ask her to go down and reach more safely place to join other people.

"Merapi erupts right now, Grandma. Let's go down!" the soldier started to worry.

The Grandma answered calmly, "No! I won't go down! If the volcano erupts, he has it's own way to flow. And I'll go down in my own way too..." (means, she won't meet the hot clouds or lava).


Dear alumni, let's support Fapet UNPAD student volunteer team to help victims of disaster in refugees barracks. Team also has a program to search and rescue for cows and etawa goats in natural disaster area in around mount Merapi.

Send your donation, as Alumni of Fapet UNPAD to our accounts: Bank BCA acc 8020097371 or Bank Mandiri acc. 137-00-0555443-7 (both with name Yus Kadarusman as administrator of this website page on fb).

Please send confirmation after money transfer by SMS to [closed] or by inbox to Pulangkandang Fapet-Unpad at facebook. You may also send your confirmation by email to pulangkandang@gmail.com. Thank you very much.

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