Memory of New Students Run Around the FAPET UNPAD Campus

Running around the campus of Faculty of Animal Husbandry Padjadjaran University (FAPET UNPAD) is one of unforgotten memories of us as part of ALUMNI FAPET UNPAD community. We have run around our campus in the past of our life history, right? We have participated in new students initiation known as MABIM (Masa Bimbingan Mahasiswa Baru).

We run while we were singing enthusiastic song. Remember it now? Running has made us tired, and few of us almost felt to be surrender, but this memory always kept in our mind. Run made us more healthy, achieved better body condition, and the most important to build class unity, togetherness and solidarity.

You may tell your memory about it by fill the comment box below. Feel free to explain your sorrow while participated in this MABIM program. Ok, let's run now! "Lari lari... Lari pagi... badan sehat... kayak sapi!" :D

Special thanks to Kang Mansyur for these photos.

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  1. tukang ngarit06 December, 2010

    pengalaman paling menyesakkan dada... (eungap maksudna... haha)

  2. tanjakan baeud takkan pernah kulupakan...